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Sanitizing is very important

We are ever alert and actively concerned about bacteria, germs and mutated viruses, in the work places. To confront this concern we began using infused peroxide cleaning products for our glass cleaning, bathrooms and floor cleaning procedures. These products produce outstanding cleaning results. Along with the benefit of sanitizing, they produce a brilliant shine as well as emitting a mild pleasant fragrance and are environmentally friendly. Our customers are very pleased that we are taking care of them in this vital concern.

Cleaning Procedures are necessary

We place a high priority on proper cleaning procedures. Each team member is properly trained one-on-one, to insure that our tested and proven techniques are implemented correctly. This guarantees our high consistent level of quality in service and professionalism. Since no one is perfect, we add to our cleaning procedures another element. That element is:
The Cleaning Checklist Of Specifics. Each group leader will check and verify that all cleaning procedures have been performed. This is done prior to their leaving the customer facility and returning to the office. Our customers appreciate that we take the extra steps to insure quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Guarantee Of Service

We guarantee our service with professionalism and dependability 100%. If we are unable to perform our scheduled evening of cleaning service, we will compensate by paying you-as-our client, the cost of what that service would have cost. We have no need for extended contracts. We have not used them in 20 years. Our long term customers keep us as their service provider because, they appreciate our conscientious, dedicated, diligent service.
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